An air conditioner is an integral component of any car.

Comfortable and pleasant conditions in the car cabin depend on the proper functioning of the heating, cooling, and air circulation system. To ensure these conditions, timely maintenance of the heating and air conditioning system is necessary. Such services are offered by our auto service in Rezekne – EVRO TRANS.

Usually, drivers only start thinking about repairing the car air conditioner and heating system before the next technical inspection, but repairs are also necessary after accidents or other damages. The repair of these systems includes restoration and replacement of the heater motor, filters, coolant leaks, and other parts.

How is the inspection of the heating and air conditioning system in a car carried out?

  • Visual inspection: the first step is a visual inspection to assess the condition of the system components. Visible damages, leaks, or connection issues are checked. Filters are also inspected and, if necessary, cleaned or replaced.
  • Pressure measurement: a pressure gauge is used to determine the pressure level in the system. Pressure measurement helps identify possible leaks or pressure-related issues in the system.
  • Electrical component check: if the system operates using electrical components, the operation and connections of these components are checked. Checking electrical wire connections and cleaning electrical contacts may be necessary to prevent potential electrical problems.
  • Airflow check: instruments for measuring airflow may be used to evaluate whether the system provides sufficient airflow. This helps identify any obstructions or restrictions that may affect the system’s performance.
  • Temperature check: thermometers or thermal cameras are used to verify if the system reaches the desired heating or cooling level. This helps assess system efficiency and detect temperature-related problems.
  • Diagnostics: if a problem is detected, a more detailed diagnostic process is conducted to determine the exact source of the damage. This may involve checking system pressure, measuring airflow, using thermometers to assess temperature, and so on. Diagnostic devices are sometimes used to identify specific issues.
  • Repair: once the problem is identified, the necessary repairs are carried out. This may involve replacing or repairing damaged components. For example, if there is a leak, it may be necessary to seal the leak or replace a faulty pipe or seal. If there are electrical issues, checking and repairing electrical connections may be required. After the repair, the system is tested to ensure it is functioning properly.

It is also important to perform system disinfection to prevent unpleasant odors and the spread of harmful microorganisms. The frequency of maintenance for heating and air conditioning systems depends on the operating conditions of the car and manufacturer recommendations.

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Our specialists perform the following tasks:

  • Repair of various pipe damages;
  • Replacement of the heater casing;
  • Replacement of the air intake control unit;
  • Adjustment and replacement of the air compressor and damaged parts;
  • Leak detection in the system;
  • Repair of the heater radiator;
  • Air conditioning refrigerant refill (using R134A and R1234YF gases);
  • Replacement of the air conditioning control unit;
  • Cleaning and purging of air ducts and evaporators.

We offer a comprehensive range of services for car air conditioner maintenance, including:

  • Air conditioner refilling;
  • Air conditioner installation;
  • Air conditioner servicing, diagnostics, and repair;
  • Air conditioner cleaning;
  • Air conditioner compressor repair;
  • Radiator repair;
  • Car heating system repair;
  • Car heating system repair;
  • Radiator cleaning.

Regular maintenance of heating, air conditioning, and ventilation systems reduces the duration, scope, and costs of repairs. Our car maintenance center specializes in the maintenance of heating and air conditioning systems of various foreign car brands.

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We perform car air conditioner repairs of any complexity!

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