Cars are one of our most valuable investments, and we all want them to look good and shiny. However, over time and with daily use, the car’s body is subjected to various damages that affect its paint and coating. Scratches, cracks, and other defects can make the car’s body uneven, dull, and faded.

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Car corrosion, scratches, and other visual defects can occur as a result of various factors.

  • Scratches and defects: Scratches usually occur when the car is damaged or comes into contact with a hard or sharp object. For example, driving on a rough road surface can cause stones and sand to scratch the body or windows.
  • Corrosion: Corrosion is an oxidation process that occurs when the metal surface comes into contact with moisture, salt, or other corrosive substances. If the car’s body is damaged or defective, moisture and salt can enter the cracks or scratches and cause corrosion. Prolonged corrosion can lead to body permeability and serious damage.
  • Environmental factors: Environmental factors such as ultraviolet radiation from the sun, rain, snow, and dust can negatively affect the car’s body and its paint. Sunlight can cause the color to fade, and constant moisture or dust can accumulate dirt and defects on the body.

In such cases, car body polishing is one of the most effective ways to restore the car’s original appearance and bring back its shine. It is a process that involves various steps to smooth out defects and restore color brilliance, leaving the body sparkling and protected.

Car body polishing includes several operations performed to restore its shine and protect the paint:

  • Assessment of maintenance work: Before the polishing process begins, a specialist evaluates the extent of the damage and assesses the necessary actions.
  • Cleaning and preparation: Firstly, the car’s body is thoroughly cleaned to remove dirt, dust, and other pollutants. Then, careful preparation is carried out, including defect leveling, crack repair, and other necessary tasks.
  • Abrasive polishing: To remove small defects and scratches from the body, abrasive materials and polishing pastes are used. This helps to smooth out the body and restore its evenness.
  • Polishing: After abrasive polishing, the polishing process follows, using special polishing pastes to restore color shine and brilliance. This also helps to smooth the surface of the body.
  • Application of protective coating: The final step is the application of a protective coating, such as wax or special protective films. This provides long-lasting protection against environmental factors and prevents further damage.
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Our auto service performs various types of polishing, including:

  • Car body polishing
  • Restorative body polishing
  • Headlight polishing
  • Non-abrasive body polishing
  • Soft body polishing
  • Abrasive body polishing
  • Scratches polishing on the body.

Our auto service in Rezekne has experienced specialists who provide high-quality car body polishing services. We use modern technologies and products to restore the shine of your car and protect it from further damage. If you need car body polishing, feel free to contact our auto service center by calling +371 29408460.

Restore the shine and original appearance of your car with professional car body polishing!