Full inspection of car condition


A comprehensive check of the car’s condition is the optimal solution to all problems related to the detection of a car malfunction. At our service center, diagnostics can take several hours, but then you will be able to find out more about the technical condition of your car. This test will prevent many problems in the future during the operation of the car.

In order to sell their used car, owners or dealers prepare their car, which can not only change the look of the car, but also hide several defects.

Why is a comprehensive car condition check necessary?

  • You want to buy or have already bought a used car;
  • You are planning to sell your car;
  • You have a long journey;
  • If there are no known signs of malfunction (extraneous sounds, sounds, or touch)
  • In the event of an accident.
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Examples of our work:

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What is included in the complex condition check of the car?

Car body
visual inspection
Automotive system
computer diagnostics
Compression measurement in internal combustion engine cylinders
Detailed diagnostics of units and complexes
Thorough chassis inspection and other diagnostics
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