Car body polishing


Over time and when the car is used, the coating of paints and varnishes on doors, covers, roofs and other parts is subject to scratches, which cause it to lose its color and fade. In such cases, polishing the car’s body will help restore the car’s original appearance. This service is offered by our car service in Rēzekne.

Damage to the car’s paintwork and varnish is caused by small particles on the road surface entering the car’s body, bumps on the branches, exposure to low or high temperatures, and reagents in winter.

Over time, the top layer of the coating is damaged, resulting in scratches that allow dirt and moisture to enter. In this situation, body polishing is mandatory as it can improve the appearance of the car and prevent corrosion of metal parts.

How is the car polished?

  • Checking the degree of damage to the lacquer coating;
  • Removal of various dirt;
  • Washing and degreasing of cracked areas;
  • Body polishing with abrasive pastes and defect smoothing with special tools;
  • Application and final purification of polymeric substances to obtain a shine.
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We perform the following types of polishing:

  • Car body polishing
  • Regenerative body polishing
  • Lamp polishing
  • Non-abrasive body polishing
  • Soft body polishing
  • Body abrasive polishing
  • Body scratch polishing

Our car service offers high-quality body shine restoration. Our specialists have many years of experience in working with different brands of cars. If you need to polish your car, feel free to contact our car service center!

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