Electrical equipment repair


The electrical system is the main and most complex part of any modern car. This system provides a large number of functions for continuous operation as well as starting the car. If you need to repair the electrical equipment, feel free to contact the specialists of our car care center.

Why are there problems with the car’s electrical system?

  • the car battery is out of date;
  • the car battery is often discharged due to constant and heavy load;
  • insufficient level or insufficient density of electrolytes;
  • the electrolyte leaks due to a crack in the body;
  • damaged generator and starter condition;
  • wire breakage and other signs.
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Examples of our work:

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We perform the following repairs:

  • battery inspection and replacement;
  • engine control unit replacement;
  • replacement of crankshaft position sensor and camshaft;
  • generator replacement;
  • reading error codes;
  • fuse replacement;
  • relay replacement;
  • electrical installation repair;
  • starter repair and replacement;
  • lamp replacement;
  • headlight adjustment;
  • generator repair;
  • ambient temperature sensor replacement;
  • engine oil level sensor replacement;
  • idle sensor replacement.

There are many nuances in repairing electrical equipment that only qualified car service center personnel can handle. By contacting us, you will definitely be satisfied with our work!

Electrical equipment
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