Engine repair


Car engine repair is a responsible job, which must be entrusted only to highest quality specialists who understand the operation of the engine. Correct and uninterrupted operation of the engine affects all other systems of the car, such as chassis, transmission, electrical equipment, etc.
If any of the signs of a malfunction of the engine appear, it is necessary to contact our car service, where qualified employees will conduct diagnostics of the power unit of the vehicle. Then our specialists will eliminate all the problems that have arisen and give the necessary recommendations for maintaining the engine in good order.

We perform:

  • engine diagnosis, restoration and replacement;
  • engine head repair;
  • engine overhaul;
  • spark plug replacement;
  • catalyst repair and replacement;
  • engine timing belt change;
  • turbine replacement;
  • turbine repair and restoration.
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Examples of our work:

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Looking for a great car mechanic for engine repair? We carry out engine repairs – quickly, safely and inexpensively. 

Our services include:

  • air filter replacement;
  • chain replacement;
  • camshaft replacement;
  • diesel and petrol engine repair;
  • throttle position sensor replacement;
  • internal combustion engine pallet sealing and replacement;
  • hydraulic compensators replacement;
  • car engine overhaul;
  • motor block plugs replacement; 
  • inspection and adjustment of valve heat gaps;
  • internal combustion engine adjustment; 
  • engine protection setting;
  • beam crankshaft / camshaft replacement;
  • camshaft drive replacement;
  • motor fan housing replacement;
  • EGR cooler repair;
  • bonnet replacement;
  • cylinder head repair;
  • ignition coil replacement;
  • valve cover replacement;
  • crankshaft bearing replacement;
  • ignition module replacement;
  • piston rings replacement; 
  • cylinder head gasket replacement;
  • timing belt replacement.

We repair not only gasoline engines, but also diesel engines. In addition to routine maintenance, we carry out an overhaul of the engine, as well as a complete replacement. Most engines have a resource of 200 to 500 thousand kilometres. To improve or expand resources, the engine of the car must be regularly cleaned, using only consumables and technical fluids.

Our online store has a wide selection of engine oil. The liquid is universal and fits both gasoline and diesel engines. On sale there are new and used engine control units, the choice according to the brand of the car.

Contact our car service if your car needs diagnostics or engine repair. Our specialists will find all the causes and problems of car damage, as well as perform high-level maintenance and repair in the shortest possible time!

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