Exhaust system repair


Exhaust gases are diverted from the engine body through the exhaust manifold, catalytic converter and silencer, which are connected in one system. The general condition of all these elements depends on the operation of the piston group, the noise level and the level of harmful emissions. To ensure safe and long-term operation of the car, we recommend that you contact our workshop after the first breakdown.

Signs indicating a malfunction of the exhaust system:

  • wear or damage of elements, fastening of pipes, muffler, collector;
  • unsafe engine operation;
  • extraneous sound and detonation oscillations;
  • power drop.
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What does an exhaust system repair include?

  • oxygen sensor replacement;
  • replacement of silencer and catalyst;
  • rinsing and replacement of the particulate filter;
  • exhaust manifold replacement;
  • crankcase gas valve replacement;
  • intake manifold air valve replacement;
  • idle valve replacement;
  • carburetor repair;
  • IMRC valve replacement;
  • adsorption valve repair.

We inspect all components in the engine compartment as well as in the lower part of the body. We perform diagnostics of silencer, collector, resonator and other elements.

If you need to repair the exhaust system, this is the reason to contact our car service center. Our specialists will rectify any malfunctions in a short time. We guarantee high quality work at an affordable price!

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