Car heating and air conditioning system


Air conditioning is an integral element of the comfort system in a modern car. Comfortable conditions in the cabin of the car depend from heating, cooling, and air circulation. Any heating and air conditioning system requires timely maintenance. This service is offered by our car service in Rezekne.

As a rule, drivers begin to think about the repair of car conditioners and car heating system before the technical inspection, but repair is also necessary after crashes or when damage occurs. The system repair includes the restoration and replacement of the heater engine, filters, leaks of refrigerant and other parts. It is also necessary to disinfect the system to eliminate unpleasant odors and harmful microorganisms. The periodicity of servicing the heating and air conditioning system depends from the operating conditions of the car and the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Our specialists will conduct:

  • pipeline repair;
  • washing and cleaning of the air ducts;
  • replacement and adjustment of faulty compressor parts.
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Examples of our work:

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We perform the following repairs:

  • heater housing replacement;
  • replace air intake control unit;
  • replace air conditioning compressor;
  • find and repair air-conditioning system leaks;
  • repair radiator hoses;
  • air conditioner refill (gas R134A and R1234YF);
  • replace control unit of the air conditioning system.

Regular maintenance of heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems reduces the time and amount of repairs, as well as their cost. Our car service works with heating and air conditioning systems for cars of various foreign car brands. 

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Need to fix your car’s air conditioner?

Contact us if your car needs a heating or air conditioning systems repair.

We carry out full service and maintenance on car air conditioners:

  • air conditioner recharge;
  • installation air conditioner;
  • air-conditioner maintenance, diagnostics and service;
  • air-conditioner cleaning;
  • air-conditioner compressor repair;
  • repair radiator;
  • repair heating system;
  • radiator clean and flush.
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