Car body parts replacement


Car body parts have to be changed for many reasons. Damage and various deformations of the body structure occur in intense off-road conditions, after an accident or the fall of various solid objects, as well as a result of the actions of intruders.

Later, such defects can lead to a reduction in the stiffness of the bearing structures of the car, as well as worsen the comfort and appearance of the cabin. To restore the integrity of the bonnet, roof, thresholds and other parts, contact our car service.

When to replace body parts on a car?

  • If there are deep cracks and metal ruptures.
  • If there is a large area of dents and damage to the varnish coating.
  • If there is a complete collapse of the body surface and other parts.

Without replacement, it is possible to restore only some parts of the car body with minor deformations. Our specialists repair various cracks, straighten dents, and also perform a number of other works.

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Replacement of car body parts includes:

Dismantling of the hood, bumpers, wings and thresholds
Selection of body parts for car colour
Assembly and fixing of individual elements

Our service center employs a large number of qualified employees who have experience in the maintenance of foreign brands of cars. Therefore, if you need to replace the car body parts, contact our car service!

When replacing the car body elements, it is also necessary to check the geometry and eliminate distortions of the bearing structure.

There is a wide selection of car body parts in our online store. For example, a longeron which is an element of the car body. Our company offers the opportunity to purchase a suitable longeron for your “iron horse”.

In our car service you can repair the car body at a favourable price. Car body repair of Volvo, BMW and other well-known brands. Our car service employs a large number of qualified employees with experience in car maintenance of foreign brands. 

Customer-oriented service and affordable prices. Contact us if you need to replace the car body parts!

Our services include:

  • car body repair;
  • insurance repair;
  • car repair and painting;
  • car body geometry restoration;
  • car body welding;
  • dent removal;
  • car frame straightening;
  • repair of car bearing elements, welding
  • car body parts replacement;
  • frame straightening;
  • body geometry stand.
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