Repair under insurance

Hundreds of unexpected situations happen on the roads every year. If your vehicle has been damaged, then you can contact our car service, we will repair under such insurance policies as OCTA and KASKO.

We work with all insurance companies

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an OCTA policy?
ОСТА is a compulsory civil liability insurance that is required by law and is a compulsory type of insurance for all land vehicles. It is important to remember that the MTPL policy does not cover the person responsible for the accident.
What does OCTA policy cover?
  • compensation for damage caused to the property of another person;
  • expenses for repairing another person’s vehicle;
  • expenses in the form of compensation if the car is beyond repair;
  • compensation to persons who have suffered in an accident;
  • Expenses for towing another person’s vehicle.
How to get a refund?
  • you must file a claim for compensation after an accident with the insurance company of the culprit;
  • then an appraiser will come to inspect the car (it is important to provide the car in the same condition as it was after the accident);
  • in case the accident was caused by another person, the claim for compensation must be submitted to the co-driver’s insurer;
  • the vehicle is rented to our car service and the insurance company of the one who caused the damage pays for all repairs;
  • Losses are reimbursed by the insurance company of the person who caused the accident.
What is a KASKO insurance policy?
Unlike the OCTA policy, the KASKO insurance policy indemnifies the damage regardless of who caused it. KASKO is an additional insurance that you can take out if you want to protect your car. Today, such insurance is popular among car owners.
What is covered by KASKO policy?
  • expenses in case of robbery or car theft; damage in the event of a natural disaster (fire, flood, storm);
  • damage resulting from an accident;
  • damage in case of falling of any solid objects (fallen tree, hail, etc.);
  • expenses for stolen documents, keys or license plates;
  • damage resulting from off-road driving or water hammer;
  • damage if the car is scratched in a car park.
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