Suspension repair


Suspension is the most sensitive component of any car. The suspension components of a vehicle can easily be damaged. While driving, the condition of the suspension is changed. The condition of the suspension system depends not only on the vehicle’s mileage and age of the car, but also on the road surface. If you need suspension repair, please feel free to contact us and we will help you restore silence, comfort, and safety during the trips in your vehicle.

Important signs your car needs suspension repair

Sooner or later, every driver faces the need of suspension repair. The need for repair arises because of constant loads: driving on bad roads, high weight and speed of the car. Therefore, suspension parts and running gear gradually wear out.

Vehicle repair is absolutely necessary in the following cases:

  • reduced braking efficiency;
  • car control/handling deteriorated;
  • extraneous sounds heard during the movement of the car;
  • uneven tread wear;
  • while driving, the car deviates from the specified trajectory.
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These are just some of the main signs of a malfunction. In some cases, they may be different. Before starting repairs, it is necessary to conduct diagnostics.

After we complete the diagnostic and find out the suspension malfunction, we will be able to offer repair of the front and rear suspension, replacing its parts, as well as the silent block of the lever. In most cases, after interference with the suspension, a disassembly check should also be carried out.

Our services include:

  • repair of running gear;
  • suspension diagnostics and repair;
  • car chassis repair;
  • suspension lever replacement;
  • suspension shaft replacement;
  • front axle repair;
  • rear axle repair;
  • shock absorbers replacement;
  • suspension stabilizers replacement;
  • pneumatic suspensions replacement;
  • running gear diagnostics;
  • car geometry repair, restoration and adjustment.

Contact our car service if you need car suspension repair. Our high-qualified specialists will quickly find and eliminate all malfunctions of the rolling stock of your car. 

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You can buy:

  • suspension knuckle;
  • suspension lever sailentblocks;
  • suspension fasteners;
  • suspension springs;
  • car front struts;
  • car rear struts;
  • suspension lever;
  • automotive chassis part, etc.

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