Transmission repair


Transmission repair is not a simple process, because it requires a professional approach and large amount of work, including diagnostics, repair and replacement of certain elements. Therefore, if you need a transmission replacement, contact the qualified staff of our car service.
The set of units, mechanisms and nodes of the car, which are responsible for the torque of the power unit to the driving wheels, is called the transmission. According to the type of drive bridges, the modern transmission can be front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive.

Transmission is composed of:

  • clutch;
  • gearboxes (mechanical and automatic);
  • cardan shafts (excluding front-wheel drive vehicles);
  • main transmission;
  • drive shafts;
  • dispenser (only for all-wheel drive vehicles).
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Our services include:

  • gearbox restoration, diagnostics, service, change and repair;
  • automatic gearbox repair;
  • mechanical gearbox repair;
  • gearbox oil change;
  • clutch change, repair, restoration and adjustment;
  • clutch cylinder replacement;
  • clutch cable replacement;
  • clutch release bearing replacement;
  • clutch discs replacement.

We recommend you to entrust the inspection and repair of the transmission to our car service. We work only with specialized equipment and tools and employ only professional staff with very extensive experience.

Repair is carried out only by highly qualified specialists and only with the use of quality spare parts. In our online store you will find original spare parts for mechanical and automatic transmissions. 

We guarantee the quality of our work at an affordable price. We will fix all your car transmission problems!

We perform the following actions:

  • gearbox and auto transformer repair;
  • clutch disc repair;
  • air flow sensor replacement/cleaning;
  • hydraulic brake booster accumulator replacement;
  • automatic transmission and gearbox replacement;
  • valve block replacement;
  • equal angular velocity hinge replacement;
  • engine shaft seal and actuator assembly replacement;
  • clutch replacement;
  • automatic gearbox filters replacement;
  • SHRUS replacement.
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