Windshields replacement


Sooner or later, every car driver is going to face the need of windscreen replace. Over time, cracks and scratches may appear on the glass. Contact our car service, if you need windshield replacement.
Cracks may occur not only due to hard objects stuck in the windshield, but also due to temperature changes or deformation of car windows, for example, in case of corrosion.

Our services include:

  • windshield repair;
  • windshield installation;
  • windshield cracks repair;
  • windshield change.

When necessary to change the windshield?

  • if the glass is broken;
  • if scratches and cracks occupy more than half the area of the windscreen and cause deterioration of visibility;
  • if the windshield shows signs of aging.
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How is windshield replacement done?

We remove all decorative elements that may interfere with the windshield replacement
The old windshield is dismantled, the body frame is cleaned of dust and dirt
For degreasing the surface of the new windshield, a trigger is first applied to the ceramic edge, and then a primer
The front windshield is installed and fixed with a special glue

Our partners

Our car service offers high-quality and safe windshield replacement. By entrusting the windshield replacement to the professional masters of our service, you will be satisfied not only with the quality, but also with the price!
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When replacing glass in an insured event, as a bonus, a coating is applied – anti-rain, one of the leading German manufacturers.

* * * All prices are indicated without 21% VAT.

Service cost
Service name
Replacement windshield and rear window for a passenger car, including materials:

Simple light vehicle

With heating, sensor and line cameras, premium car

Off-road vehicles, buses and minivans

Side glass replacement

Glasses equipped with sensors – additional gels

€ 70

€ 70

€ 70

€ 60

€ 15

Cost of windshield installation in cargo cars, including adhesive materials:

For glass height up to 90 cm and width up to 220 cm, for example: – MB Atego, VOLVO FL, DAF LF45-55, Premium/Kerax

Rubber glass

For glass height up to 90 cm and width over 220 cm, for example: – DAF FX 105 (-13), SCANIA R-series (-17)

For glass height up to 115cm, for example: – Renault Magnum, MAN with XXL cab and MB Actros (12 -), VOLVO FH (13 -)

Glasses equipped with sensors-additional gels

€ 150

€ 60

€ 170

€ 180

€ 20

Repair costs for glass, if technologically that is possible:

€ 50

Cost of calibration of front windshield cameras:



€ 100

€ 130

You have discovered that your windshield is damaged?

We sell, manufacture and repair windshields. In our catalogue you will find windshields for various cars (including A4 windscreen, BMW windscreen, E39 windscreen, etc.).

We know everything about windshields trading and will help you make the right choice.

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