Automobile braking system

Automobile braking system: key components and their functions

Automobile braking system 1

The braking system is one of the most crucial safety systems in a vehicle, ensuring the ability to stop effectively and safely. This system comprises various components that can be found in auto parts shops, car parts catalogs, and online auto parts stores, offering both new and secondhand car parts.

Main Components of the Braking System

ABS Block and Related Components:

The Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) is an essential part of modern braking systems, preventing wheel lock-up during intense braking. The ABS block controls the pressure to each brake cylinder, while the ABS sensor measures wheel speed. The ABS block bracket provides secure mounting for the ABS block.

Brake Calipers and Their Frames:

Front and rear calipers are critical components that hold the brake pads against the brake discs, creating the necessary friction for stopping. Caliper frames secure the calipers in the correct position. These components are available for both front and rear wheels: front left caliper frame, front right caliper frame, rear left caliper frame, and rear right caliper frame.

Brake Discs and Lines:

Brake discs are the primary components that provide braking efficiency by interacting with the brake pads. They are available for both front and rear wheels. Brake lines and their fittings, such as the front brake line fitting, ensure the transmission of brake fluid from the master cylinder to the calipers.

Brake Boosters and Cylinders:

The brake booster master cylinder and brake cylinder ensure that sufficient pressure is maintained in the braking system to stop the vehicle effectively. The vacuum pump and vacuum reservoir are crucial for maintaining the necessary pressure in the system.

Pedal System:

The brake pedal, clutch pedal, and gas pedal are key control elements that allow the driver to manage braking, clutch engagement, and acceleration. The pedal block and pedal bracket provide mounting and stability for these pedals.

Parking Brake Components:

The parking brake lever, parking brake pedal, and parking brake cables ensure that the vehicle is securely parked, even on inclines. The parking brake mechanism bracket and parking brake sensor are important for precise parking brake operation.

ESP System and Gas Pedal Sensor:

The ESP system hydraulic booster helps maintain vehicle stability, especially during sharp maneuvers. The gas pedal sensor and brake pedal sensor provide essential data to electronic control units for efficient management of braking and engine operations.

All these components are vital for ensuring the effectiveness and safety of the vehicle’s braking system. They are available in various outlets, such as auto parts shops, car parts catalogs, and online auto parts stores, where both new and used parts can be purchased. Thanks to modern technology, car owners can easily compare prices and find the most suitable parts for their vehicles, ensuring reliability and safety on the road.