Fuel system repair


From the timely maintenance and adjustment of the fuel system depends the uninterrupted operation of the car engine. Our car service will carry out inspection and repair of the fuel system, replacing any damaged parts. You can get advice and assistance in case of automation or other parts malfunction by contacting our car service.

Our services include:

  • pipeline replacement;
  • fuel pump replacement, repair and restoration;
  • fuel limit adjustment;
  • fuel system inspection;
  • fuel collector repair;
  • fuel filter replacement;
  • valve replacement;
  • fuel injector repair and replacement;
  • glow plugs replacement;
  • fuel system diagnostics, cleaning, dehumidification and repair;
  • fuel hose repair;
  • fuel supply unit repair;
  • fuel injection system repair.

In what cases is necessary the fuel system repair?

  • obstructions in the pipes or filters;
  • fuel pump failure;
  • in case of moisture and cavity pressure drop;
  • due to difficulty starting and unstable engine operation;
  • with an increase of fuel consumption;
  • when the smell of gasoline or diesel fuel suddenly or consistently appears.
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Examples of our work:

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What’s Included in a Fuel System Service?

Fuel system inspection with determination of fuel supply parameters
Pipelines and pumps inspection
Replacement of collectors, nozzles, shock absorbers, filters, sensors and other defective parts
Pipe and tank cleaning
Filling cracks

We carry out the following repairs:

  • fuel system repair;
  • throttle body replacement;
  • fuel injector cleaning;
  • pressure valve and ventilation valve replacement;
  • fuel tank filling cap replacement;
  • glow plugs replacement;
  • high pressure fuel pump and high-pressure fuel pump belt replacement;
  • fuel pump and fuel tank replacement;
  • fuel pipe, nozzle and fuel filter replacement;
  • crankcase ventilation valve replacement;
  • electromagnetic valve cleaning.

After eliminating all the defects, the fuel system is checked on the started car.

The fuel pressure regulator is a small but very important detail of the road transport fuel system. If you often check the fuel pressure regulator and change it in time, you can avoid many problems. You may incur large financial losses if a failed fuel system repair causes the fuel pressure regulator to fail to function.

It should be remembered that the operation of a car with a faulty fuel system is inadmissible, since it can create a fire hazard. In winter, such defects can lead to complications or complete damage to the engine.

Quality car spare parts are always on sale in our online store at a favourable price.

You can buy:

  • fuel filter;
  • fuel generator;
  • fuel return valve and other car spare parts, because fuel purity is one of the main operating conditions.

If you notice any signs of a malfunction in your car’s fuel system, contact our car service immediately! 

We will perform qualitative fuel system diagnostics and repair.

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