Tow truck

Regardless of what happened to the car, we will provide cheap towing services in any weather conditions 24 hours a day to anywhere in Latvia.

We provide car evacuation for:

  • Latgale
  • Riga
  • Daugavpils
  • Ventspils and other cities.

The cost of a car tow truck within Rezekne is from 50.00 euros, and outside only 1.50 euros with 21% VAT per kilometer.

What kind of transport do we work with:

moto -
car -
hback -
truck -
Trucks up to 3.5 tons
offroad -
bus -
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truck +371 20 35 20 35

Frequently asked Questions

What documents do I need to have with me in order to have my car towed?
Before the car is loaded onto a tow truck, you need to present to our employee a vehicle registration certificate, as well as a driver’s license or a passport of a citizen of the Republic of Latvia.
Do I need to accompany my vehicle during the evacuation?
If you wish, you can personally follow the process of evacuation of your car. The client can sit in the tow truck and follow to the place of unloading the car, or he himself comes to the place where the car should be delivered. Most often, a motorist fills out a special power of attorney for transporting a car and transfers all the necessary documents to an employee of the evacuation service. Then the car is delivered to the specified address.
We need a tow truck urgently and there is no time to wait! How long will it take before the equipment arrives?
The arrival of equipment at the place of the call is carried out within 20-40 minutes. The waiting time may increase if there are traffic jams or congestion on the streets of the city.
Will I have to pay extra by calling a tow truck outside Rezekne?
The cost of calling a tow truck outside Rēzekne depends on the distance. As soon as you tell the operator your location, you will immediately be informed about the cost of the service. Our price per kilometer is 1.50 euros with 21% VAT.
I called a tow truck, but then I realized that I could handle the problem myself. Will I be fined?
If you have already called a tow truck, but realized that you can handle the problem yourself, then call as soon as possible and inform our operator about the cancellation of the order. If this is not done on time, then you will need to pay the costs of our driver, who was in a hurry to get to you.