Car painting

How we work

All the specialists of the EVRO TRANS car service have many years of experience and qualitatively perform any car painting.

Got a car scratch recently?

Scratches are the most common car external damage. In some cases, it is impossible to carry out painting locally, so it is necessary to repaint the entire car body work or its individual elements. We offer high-quality full paint job to make your car look like new!

Our car service specialists choose only modern and high-quality, time-tested materials for car painting. EVRO TRANS car service will provide high quality painting services for your car at an affordable price.

Our services include:

  • exterior car paint;
  • bumper repair and paint;
  • body repair after an accident;
  • rust removal;
  • partial/full car restorations;
  • individual part paint;
  • scratch removal.
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Qualified employees of our car service will eliminate various shortcomings after poor-quality painting, such as:

pain fixes 1 -
Dust under the varnish
pain fixes 2 -
Uneven paint appearance
pain fixes 3 -
Lacquer stains formed when using too thick varnish or if the layers are not sufficiently dried
pain fixes 4 -
Rough surface using too thick varnish or paint

We perform the following types of car paint:

pain service 1 -
Full and local paint
pain service 2 -
Paint with liquid rubber-Plasti Dip
pain service 3 -
Scratch paint

Type of cars we work with

We carry out car repair and paint on all major car brands. We employ only highest qualification employees, and are using professional tools and technologies. You are always welcome to our car service!
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