Suspension repair is essential for ensuring a safe and comfortable ride in your vehicle. The suspension system is responsible for the stability of the car, road grip, and passenger safety. It works by absorbing the wear and road vibrations that occur when driving on different road surfaces.

During the operation of a vehicle, suspension components gradually wear out and may suffer from various damages. Heavy loads, driving over potholes, challenging conditions, or other unfavorable factors can accelerate the process of damage. Therefore, it is important to regularly check the condition of the suspension and perform repairs or replace damaged parts when necessary.

Some signs indicating the need for suspension repair are:

  • Poor braking performance: If you feel that the car’s brakes are weak or the braking distance increases, it may indicate suspension issues.
  • Deteriorating vehicle handling: If the steering becomes unstable, the car veers off its intended path, or you experience vibrations in the steering wheel, it may be related to suspension defects.
  • Unusual noises during motion: If you hear unfamiliar sounds coming from the underside of the car, it’s possible that one of the suspension components is damaged or worn out.
  • Uneven tire wear: If your tires wear unevenly, for example, one side wears faster than the other, it may indicate suspension problems.

If you notice any of these signs or suspect other suspension defects, it is important to promptly visit an auto service center and undergo diagnostics. Qualified mechanics will perform an inspection and determine the extent of the damage.

The general process of diagnosing and repairing suspension includes:

  • Visual inspection: Initially, a mechanic conducts a visual inspection to identify any obvious damages or defects in the suspension components. This may involve checking for cracks, bends, or other visible issues.
  • Diagnostic equipment: Diagnostic equipment and tools are used to gather more detailed information about the condition of the suspension. This can include computer diagnostic systems that read the vehicle’s data and provide accurate analysis of possible damages or malfunctions.
  • Testing and measurements: To assess the condition of the suspension accurately, a mechanic may perform various tests and measurement procedures. For example, this can include testing the suspension’s elasticity using specialized testing devices or measuring and comparing pressures with manufacturer specifications.
  • Replacement of parts: If damages or wear on suspension components are found, they need to be replaced. This may involve replacing damaged or worn-out components such as control arms, bearings, or others. It’s important to use high-quality spare parts that meet the manufacturer’s standards.
  • Post-repair inspection and adjustment: After replacing parts in suspension repair, an inspection and adjustment are typically carried out to ensure proper functioning and optimal stability. This may include checking and adjusting wheel alignments and other necessary settings to achieve proper suspension performance.
  • Test drive: Usually, a test drive is conducted after completing the suspension repair to ensure proper operation and address any remaining issues. The test drive evaluates handling, stability, braking effectiveness, and other aspects of performance.

Often, a post-disassembly inspection is also required after intervening in the suspension to ensure proper assembly and operation.


Our range of services includes:

  • Steering system repair
  • Suspension diagnostics and repair
  • Automotive chassis repair
  • Control arm replacement
  • Bearing replacement
  • Front axle repair
  • Rear axle repair
  • Shock absorber replacement
  • Stabilizer bar replacement
  • Pneumatic suspension repair
  • Steering system diagnostics
  • Repair, restoration, and adjustment of vehicle geometry

We take pride in delivering high-quality work and offer our services at reasonable prices. Our auto service also provides a wide catalog of automotive spare parts, including suspension ball joints, polyurethane bushings, suspension reinforcements, coil springs, front and rear mounts, control arms, chassis parts, and more.

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