Electrical equipment is the primary and most complex component of any modern vehicle.

In modern automobiles, electrical equipment is one of the key and intricate components. This system is responsible for providing a multitude of functions necessary for the proper operation of the vehicle. Electrical equipment includes the battery, alternator, control devices, wires, sensors, and numerous other elements that facilitate the transmission and regulation of electrical power throughout the vehicle.


However, electrical equipment tends to experience issues that can affect the vehicle’s performance. Here are a few reasons why problems with the car’s electrical equipment may arise:

  • Old car battery: The battery has a limited lifespan, and over time, it loses its ability to hold an adequate amount of energy. An old battery can cause difficulties in starting and maintaining the car’s operation.
  • Frequent battery discharge due to constant high load: If the car is used with continuous energy consumption, such as playing music or charging electronic devices, it can drain the battery and create load-related issues.
  • Insufficient electrolyte level or density: The battery requires the correct electrolyte level and density to ensure optimal operation. Insufficient electrolyte level or improper density can lead to battery malfunctions.
  • Electrolyte leakage due to body cracks: If the car body is damaged or has cracks, it can result in electrolyte leakage, which can impact the battery’s operation and cause electrical equipment problems.
  • Generator and starter damage: The generator is responsible for producing electrical power to charge the battery and supply electricity to the car’s systems. The starter is responsible for engine startup. Damaged generator or starter components can lead to a lack of electrical power or issues with the car’s operation.
  • Wire breakage and other signs: Wire breaks, corrosion, or connection problems can result in electrical equipment malfunctions or complete failure.

If you are experiencing problems with your car’s electrical equipment or require electrical equipment repair, it is important to consult qualified specialists at an auto service center. Our Evrotrans car service center specializes in electrical equipment repair and has experienced professionals in this field.

We offer the following repair services:

  • Battery inspection and replacement: Our specialists will assess the battery’s condition, conduct necessary tests, and replace it if needed.
  • Engine control unit replacement: If there are issues with the engine control units, we will replace them with high-quality and compatible units.
  • Crankshaft position sensor and camshaft position sensor replacement: If there are issues with the sensors or camshaft, we will replace them with new and functioning components.
  • Alternator replacement: If the alternator is damaged or unable to produce sufficient power, we will replace it with a new and efficient alternator.
  • Error code reading: Using modern diagnostic equipment, we retrieve error codes from the car’s computer, helping to identify the source of the problem and perform necessary repairs.
  • Fuse replacement: If a car’s fuse is damaged or not functioning correctly, we will replace it with a new and appropriate fuse.
  • Relay replacement: Relays are essential electrical equipment components that facilitate the flow of current between different elements. If relays are damaged, we will replace them with new and properly functioning relays.
  • Electrical equipment repair: If there are wire breaks, corrosion, or other signs of electrical system problems, we will conduct necessary repairs to restore proper electrical connectivity and functionality.
  • Starter repair and replacement: If the starter is damaged or unable to properly start the engine, we will repair or replace it with a new and efficient starter.
  • Lamp replacement: If the car’s lamps are burnt out or damaged, we will replace them with new ones.
  • Headlight adjustment: Headlights are vital safety components, and proper headlight adjustment is crucial for good visibility and preventing hazards to other road users. We perform headlight adjustments to ensure optimal light emission.
  • Generator repair: If the generator is not severely damaged, we will perform repair work to restore its operation and efficiency.
  • Ambient temperature sensor replacement: The ambient temperature sensor is important for the car’s proper response to the surrounding temperature and necessary adjustments. If the sensor is damaged, we will replace it with a new and accurate sensor.
  • Oil level sensor replacement: The oil level sensor provides information about the oil level and quality. If the sensor is inaccurate or damaged, we will replace it.
  • Idle air control valve replacement: The idle air control valve regulates the engine’s idle speed. If the valve is damaged or functioning incorrectly, we will replace it.

The specialists at our auto service center are well-trained and experienced in this field, and we guarantee high-quality repair and maintenance for your vehicle. If you are facing issues with your electrical equipment, we recommend contacting our specialists for diagnostics and repairs.